Little Leakers
We know, we care, and you're not alone
This is a web site designed for people/kids with Lymphangiectasia
(lym·phan·gi·ec·ta·si·a)(Dilation in the wall of a lymphatic vessel.);
Primary/Secondary) (Intestinal/ Pulmonary and/or any other version there of)
and/or parents, caregivers, family members and friends.

This is a private party site and has been designed to give support and share
information. The information given is from personal knowledge and/or
knowledge found through research and/or information given from health care
professionals.  We are not in anyway
medical professionals nor do we claim
to be.  We advise everyone to talk with medical professionals in regards to
ones health and well being or the health and well being of a loved one.  Our
medical professionals are our allies.

We welcome anyone with IL to join us in "our loved ones" section.  Share your
story or a loved ones story.  Just send a few pictures and tell us your story or
the story of your loved one and we will put in on Little Leakers.

Or if you have any questions or information you would like to share with us
let us know.

We want people to know that like many other disorders of the lymphatic
system this disorder has know preference and is a random condition.  There
is research being done right now that will help with our fight to help our loved
ones live healthier lives.

So please help us to bring more attention to this disorder and other disorders
of the lymphatic system so we can find better treatments for our loved ones.
And someday a way to correct this disorder.
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Keep your lymphatic system healthy by keeping
active.   "It's a great day for a walk."
Do you have a question for us, or have a comment?  Well we want to know.
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